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Thank you very much

Andy....Wow fit an finish is awesome... The paint work on the guitar is insane It looks absolutely fantastic. I am highly impressed. It plays well and needed very little tweaking out of the box. I have tuned it to my taste and have made very minimal ajustments. I absolutely love how it feels how it plays. I have provided a pic of it here next to my other Lynch guitar.... Very very pleased. I do have one little issue I think the post has indented the tremelo on the high e side and the tremelo gets hung a little preventing it from bouncing back. And my wishes would be to have the mounting area for the pickup not so deep in the body so it's not far away from the strings. I have intsalled some longer screws and springs on the pick up for it to be higher and added some material behind the pickup so it doesn't rock back and forth. Other  than that maybe for the next batch made. Leave some more wood under the pickup so it could be mounted closer to the strings....the fret board is a little thin could be thicker top to bottom...however I am pleased with the guitar it's awesome....hats off to that painter...he did an awesome job with my's beautiful...thank you for your support and taking care of every need and want and request....the tremelo is perfectly straight and mounted perfect...that was one of my concerns..thank you sir...awesome job team...

Thank you top guitars....
Anthony Cabanas.- Creedmoor, North Carolina USA

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Anthony Cabanas Creedmoor, North Carolina USA 07:37:55 01-30-2019
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