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Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much

Got my guitar today and it's great.. everything was perfect.. thank you. Barry Mcfarland, Scranton, Pennsylvania USA

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Barry Mcfarlan Scranton, Pennsylvania USA 19:32:27 03-16-2019
The Greatest Guitar ever!

The Greatest Guitar ever! It's a dream come true! I loved that guitar from the 1st time I saw it in Purple Rain! 33 years ago! Michael C. King, RICHMOND, Virginia United States

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Michael C. King RICHMOND, Virginia 06:36:25 03-11-2019
Thank you very much

ATTN: Andy, (Operations Manager), Greetings Andy, I'm just letting you know that I received the case ordered about 2 weeks ago and how impressed I was at the quality and fit for my guitar!

I also appreciated the updates while my order was being prepared - thank you very much!

Yours truly,
Sean. North York, Ontario Canada

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Sean Kearns North York, Ontario Canada 11:20:30 02-17-2019

Hallo Andy Harrison, Vielen Dank für die super Gitarre ich hab erst gedacht Sie kommt nie an aber jetzt ist Sie in Topzustand angekommen.
ich habe mich sehr gefreut großes Lob an alle Beteiligten. ich werde Sie weider Empfehlen. Vielleicht gibt es auch wieder mal eine.
mit freundlichen Grüßen aus dem Allgau
Harald Hoyer - Altusried, Bayern Germany

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Harald Hoyer Altusried, Bayern Germany 08:18:56 02-15-2019
Thank you very much

Andy....Wow fit an finish is awesome... The paint work on the guitar is insane It looks absolutely fantastic. I am highly impressed. It plays well and needed very little tweaking out of the box. I have tuned it to my taste and have made very minimal ajustments. I absolutely love how it feels how it plays. I have provided a pic of it here next to my other Lynch guitar.... Very very pleased. I do have one little issue I think the post has indented the tremelo on the high e side and the tremelo gets hung a little preventing it from bouncing back. And my wishes would be to have the mounting area for the pickup not so deep in the body so it's not far away from the strings. I have intsalled some longer screws and springs on the pick up for it to be higher and added some material behind the pickup so it doesn't rock back and forth. Other  than that maybe for the next batch made. Leave some more wood under the pickup so it could be mounted closer to the strings....the fret board is a little thin could be thicker top to bottom...however I am pleased with the guitar it's awesome....hats off to that painter...he did an awesome job with my's beautiful...thank you for your support and taking care of every need and want and request....the tremelo is perfectly straight and mounted perfect...that was one of my concerns..thank you sir...awesome job team...

Thank you top guitars....
Anthony Cabanas.- Creedmoor, North Carolina USA

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Anthony Cabanas Creedmoor, North Carolina USA 07:37:55 01-30-2019
Thank you very much

Hi Andy, Thank you for the update and the quick resolution to this issue. I appreciate that Top Guitars was willing to rectify this situation amicably and quickly. I appreciate a company that takes customer service seriously and look forward to playing my new guitar.


- Jim Floyd - TARRYTOWN New York USA

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Jim Floyd TARRYTOWN New York 02:39:38 01-30-2019
Thank you very much

Andy, I got my Fender Telecaster Paisley semihollow named PEACHY. No issues with the shipping nor the guitar sir. Absolutely gorgeous and the P90s mixed with the Fholes are like peanut butter and jelly. 

-Mark B. Groton, Connecticut USA

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Mark B Groton, Connecticut USA 10:09:44 01-16-2019
Thank you very much

Hi Andy, I wrote a comprehensive testimonial on your website. I hope you publish it.  Attached are the photos of the guitar opened right after I received it that you can post with the testimonial.  Thank you again sir for the amazing job your team has done.

First off, I am completely satisfied with the Red Gibson. For the price (Less than $1,000 VS $21,000), I think your team did a phenomenal job. However, I am just going to point out some flaws so that hopefully we can avoid them on this next PRS project and for future projects to come. 

1. ROUGH AND UNSTAINED INTERIOR - I think from the real Gibson ES Les Paul has a sanded and stained interior. If you could at least sand the inside of my PRS (Stain if advisable), that would be awesome. (Although I think the roughness and lack of stain does help with the rich tone but let me know)

2. EXPOSED WIRING - Takes away from the beauty of the F-holes when visible red wires are exposed but this should be an easy fix.

3. FRETBOARD PITS - This microscopic pits can trap dirt and grime and could slowly decay the wood from inside. Recommending a more thorough observation of the fretboards, cover them with epoxy and paint them to match the rosewood color.

4. PAINT BUBBLING AND ROUGH FRET BOARD EDGE - Bubbling takes away from the beauty and rough edges on frets may cause scratches when in contact with the skin.

5. SMUDGE UNDER HEADSTOCK PAINT - Not sure if this is foreign material or thin streak of paint but it is definitely under the clear coat.

6. UNEVEN BINDING ON FHOLES - Takes away from the beauty.

7. UNEVEN PAINT EDGE UNDER NUT - This could have been sanded even more to make it even.

Hope this helps Andy. Again, All of these are negligible but just wanted to point them out to help you guys continue doing great things.

Mark B - Groton, Connecticut USA

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Mark B Groton, Connecticut USA 10:03:15 01-16-2019
Thank you

To Andy Harrison,Operations mgr.,Andy,I have received both my Harp Guitar from China and the Tuner wrench from Japan.Only a slight snag in fret 15 not quite C over A ( detuned baritone fifth below standard) ,first string,however this is a truly small detail and it seems my communique of 12 27 I believe was followed up on and my truss rod and neck set set specifically for detuning a fifth,and the sound is INCREDIBLE!I could have been happy with my first KTone HG,but this incredible custom piece  name dedicated with custom tuners in ebony backed with mahogany is much more than I dreamed,started right off with two bass string harmonics as intro to " And I Love Her "by The Beatles,into " Comfortably Numb", et al.I also bought a abalone customized Koa wood 12 string from ARTESAN CUSTOM GUITARS via RockinRonnieStraps,who may be an umbrella company of THE TOP GUITARS,which I payed 699.00 for and am setting up to detune a fifth from D ( which was probably the finest 12 string sound in minus one step standard I ever heard) to Blind Willie Mctells tuning of G C F A D G derived from baroque guitar and lute.The Top Guitars fulfilled all my custom needs and I will always be most greatfull and suggestive to instrument interest.Also made a two neck mandola/mandolin hybrid for about 200 USD as 1500 for a new ANTONIO TSAI double neck mando was too much money for me.Tune in low tenor( F C G D)mda, and alto mdn or( D  A E B), I know you specialize in Custom Electric guitars but offering a ANTONIO TSAI ( Vietnamese luthier ) would compliment the Harp Guitar acoustic you currently offer,even a Harp Mandolin,as mentioned previously.

Thank you! How gracious as I had not intended to charge or bill The Top Guitars Custom company,however I can tell people first hand and comment on the tremendous and admirable work you accomplish,mainly empowering musicians as myself who could not afford a Halloway or Tone Devil Harp Guitar,and many blogers contempt for Asian manufacture and distribution is an elitist demand for an economy that circumvents the mass,our U.S. Economy being so stailmated that its said upward mobility is a thing of the past.Sincerely,Chris Young P.S. My sound and instrument superb,could not be more pleased with my investment!!!

Sincerely,Chris Young Newark New York USA 

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Chris Young Newark New York USA 18:52:00 01-15-2019
Thank you very much

I received the "George Lynch" skull and bones guitar and i have to tell you it's MORE AWESOME than i ever dreamed!!! Thank you!!! It's amazing and i would buy a guitar from you ANYTIME!!! THANK YOU so very much. You have a customer for life. Thank you!!

Greg Seiwert - Colwich, Kansas 67030-9422 USA

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Greg Seiwert Colwich, Kansas USA 01:31:02 01-06-2019
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