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Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much

My bass came everything sounds good it looks good thank you for your service to me. Karli Riggs, Mccomb, Mississippi USA

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Karli Riggs Mccomb, Mississippi USA 04:37:36 06-07-2019
Thank you very much

My guitar just got here. I LOVE it !!. I was told that you were going to give an upgrade on with my purchase. Is it coming in a separate package ? You were the folks that told me about it right after my purchase.
Thanks All. I'm stoked !
William Bacon, Loganville Georgia USA

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William Bacon III Loganville Georgia USA 23:29:50 06-04-2019
Thank you very much

Hello, I just want to let you know that i have received the guitar today. Kind regards Marcel from Damme, Niedersachsen Germany

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Marcel Bussmann Damme, Niedersachsen Germany 03:53:42 06-04-2019
Thank you very much

I just wanted to confirm that I took delivery of the guitar today and everything looks wonderful. I will write a more thorough review for your use in the next few days. 

Best Regards,
Nicholas Granum from Tucson, Arizona USA

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Nicholas Granum Tucson, Arizona USA 05:37:29 05-14-2019
Thank you very much

Hi, I am beyond satisfied with the guitar you guys made for me! I’ve been trying to write a very positive testimonial but I’m not having luck getting it to go through. I submit it with everything needed and when I click “next” the page simply refreshes. I’d hate to not leave a good review. Can you help me? Sean Loizou from Toledo, Ohio USA

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Sean Loizou Toledo, Ohio USA 22:17:02 05-12-2019
Thank you very much

Good Morning, Just letting you know my new guitar and case arrived yesterday. The appearance and build turned out better than I thought.  You did a really nice job.

The bass portion of the neck is set up just fine and works and sounds great.  For the 12 string section, I need to take to my luthier for action adjustment and intonation adjustment.  This is not a problem for me and I expected it.  It's difficult to set up a 12 string. I will send you some photos and YouTube videos as soon as I can.

Please mark me down as a very satisfied customer and I will very likely purchase from you again in the future.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

John from Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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John Wright Indianapolis, Indiana USA 22:07:16 05-12-2019
Thank you very much

Just received my Martin-D45 I could not ask for the workmanship to be any better.I tuned up the guitar and it sounds great.I can not believe the quality.
Thanks for awesome experience
Martin Cochran

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Martin Cochran CONCORD, North Carolina 18:03:09 05-06-2019
Thank you very much

Hi, Received my guitar today, it’s absolutely fantastic, Would like to say a massive Thank you to all who worked on this for me, thanks so much. All the very best, Kindest Regards, Alan Firth. Liversedge, West Yorkshire United Kingdom

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Alan Firth West Yorkshire United Kingdom 04:26:25 04-28-2019
Thank you very much

Got my guitar today and it's great.. everything was perfect.. thank you. Barry Mcfarland, Scranton, Pennsylvania USA

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Barry Mcfarlan Scranton, Pennsylvania USA 19:32:27 03-16-2019
The Greatest Guitar ever!

The Greatest Guitar ever! It's a dream come true! I loved that guitar from the 1st time I saw it in Purple Rain! 33 years ago! Michael C. King, RICHMOND, Virginia United States

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Michael C. King RICHMOND, Virginia 06:36:25 03-11-2019
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