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Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much

Hi: After receiving my Tops bass, I am ready to buy another!! That said, if I fill in the custom box on my order, can I:
-Get a White or Black Bone Nut?
-Have the hole/route drilled for the Bridge Ground Wire?
-Have the Output drilled for a Stereo Input(2 holes)?
Just curious,
Thanks again for your time,
Chris LaSalle, Somerset, Massachusetts 02726 USA

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Christian LaSalle Somerset, Massachusetts 02726 USA 22:40:26 10-13-2019
Thank you very much

Hi Aaron. I just got my plexi-strat back from the tech shop and now I am extremely happy with the guitar. He made adjustments to the bridge, shortened the neck pickup screws, sanded and shimmed the neck, polished the frets and installed a string retainer. It now plays like a dream. Thanks again! Pics and video below. Denny LeMaster, Cedar Rapids Iowa 52403 USA

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Denny LeMaster Cedar Rapids Iowa 52403 USA 08:19:41 10-13-2019
Thank you very much

This is my custom-built Iceman Acrylic, her name is Kristel, and we are just enjoying our time with each other! J Mack Taylor, Kenly North Carolina USA 

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J Mack Taylor Kenly North Carolina USA 14:00:31 08-27-2019
Thank you very much

Hello Andy!

Video Review:

How can I thank you enough for the excellent assistance you gave to me in the purchase of my new Rickenbacker 12!  This is the very first guitar that I have ever had that I was able to play right out of the box.  I am so happy with it.  I know I told you this in the last email, but now that I have had it for a while and have used it at a gig I could not be more pleased with it.   The look, the feel and the sound is just perfect!   All of my musician friends are very impressed with it, even the ones that have authentic Rics!  The size of the neck makes this one so much easier to play, I am impresssed.  I have been speaking so highly of you, your company and your service that two of my friends are ordering guitars from you already.  

I have enclosed one picture of me and one of me with my Beatle Band "Anthology" using the Ric.  One very short Video.  If you want anymore just ask.  I will be using this weekend with my Eric Clapton Band.  I have been changing my set list for more songs that have 12 string songs so I can use the Ric.  

This Guitar is a WINNER!

My deepest sincere Thanks,

Ed Willey

and Carol Unger (the wife)

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Ed Willey DELRAY BEACH, Florida USA 14:02:13 08-13-2019
Thank you very much

My guitar arrived today. It's very beautiful!! Very happy with purchase ???????? Scott Van Den Vryhoef, Big Bear Lake California USA

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Scott Van Den Vryhoef Big Bear Lake California USA 10:52:33 08-07-2019
Thank you very much

Dear Andy My Friend, I went directly to the post office and for some strange reason which no one knows the guitar was there!!!  I now have it in my possesion and I absolutely love it!  Thank you Andy it is PERFECT and just what I wanted!  There is not one thing wrong with it.  I tuned it up and played it immediately and it sounds great!  I am more than happy! Thank you again for all the help that you have given me over the past few months.  You are a true professional at your job.  I commend you. Ed Willey and Carol Unger (the wife that writes all the emails). DELRAY BEACH, Florida USA

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Ed Willey DELRAY BEACH, Florida USA 23:42:12 08-02-2019
Thank you very much

Thank you the guitar was delivered today & she’s AWESOME!!!!!! Tell everyone thanks for me!!!!!! Darryl Parks, Squaw Valley California

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Darryl Parks Squaw Valley California 14:04:07 07-23-2019
Thank you very much

I would like to say about a year or so ago, I ordered a Custom Rick 4003 Bass from Top Guitars. I found it to be a very good quality Bass, that has held up to practice's & gig's without a scratch & without any problems. Top Guitars was in contact with me during the entire process. The delivery was within 10 days WOW. I think a lot of the people who leave bad reviews, most sound as if they are passing judgement on a product that they don't even own..Hear say at best. MDW. Darlene Wilt Adamstown, Maryland USA Email address:

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Darlene Wilt Adamstown, Maryland USA 10:17:34 06-28-2019
Thank you very much

HI, I've already bought two guitars from you and very satisfied. I'm now looking for a warrior shape duitar in left handed. Would you be able to provide it to me ? and what would be the price? LAURENT PULCE, SAINT-MAURICE Paris / Ill de France

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LAURENT PULCE SAINT-MAURICE Paris / Ill de France 04:53:35 06-25-2019
Thank you very much

The guitar is beautiful. After adding a Boss Bass Comp and Microtubes X 7 pedals the sound and volume are awesome. Thanks for your help and time! Troy Goldberg, Vail Colorado USA

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Troy Goldberg Vail, Colorado USA 09:44:52 06-21-2019
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