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Headstock Repair
This page shows a headstock repair. Ishow how to do this with the most basic of tools (well, mostly). This break was on a neck which is goin... read more
A Tip For Fixing Binding Chips
Occasionally when about to do a refret on an older Gibson, the binding nubs that cover the fret ends (a Gibson tradition for many decades) h... read more
Fingerboard crack repairs
During the dryer winter months with forced heating in temperate regions like here in USA, Canada, Norway and other parts of Europe, I see th... read more
So what’s in a ‘Fret Dress’ ?
The most common cause of frets lifting is by dehydration of the fingerboard, where the wood shrinks as it dries out, allowing the barbed tan... read more
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Tuning: Standard intro: e--14-14-14--14-14-14-----17---------------------------------------| B--15-15-15--14-14-14--15----15-17--17b-15--12---------------------| G------------------------------------------------------------------| D------------------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------------------| (chorus) e--------------------------------------..
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1-800-kill your wife- I bashed that bitch tuning: drop D one amazing song |----------------------------| |----------------------------| |----------------------------| x4 |----------------------------| |----------------------------| |-00000-00000-00000000-00000-| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| x3 |-----2---2-3---3---3-5-3-5-3-5-3-| |-----2---2-3---3---3-5-3-5-3-5-3-| |-0-0-2-0-2h3-0-3-0-3h5-3-5p3..
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Band: 1 Brick Short Song: Censor the Censors Album: N/A Intro e-------------------------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------------------------| G-------------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------141414-13-13-13-| A---------121212-11-11-11--11-11-111111-----------------| E-9-9-999---------------..
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Dreamscape Tab - 23/12/2013
Part 1 Main progression: ----------------| ----------------| ----------------| 8---6---4---4-6-| 6---4---2---2-4-| ----------------| Main low lead:(Weird Ooooh, Ooooh, Oooh, over the main progression) You can do slides from 2nd fret to all notes in this lead to make it sound better, optional of course.. I also prefer to vibrato the notes in the lead below. It's the easiest little lead ever so it's less than simple to transpose it up an octave if you'd like. ----------------| ..
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