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Free Guitar Ebooks

Guitar Ebooks

Exclusive Free Ebooks that you can use to hone your guitar skills. Please download the Guitar ebooks on the following link provided: 


Chord Structures Lesson

Eric Clapton Unplugged Guitar SongBook

Picture Chord Encyclopedia

Rooksby How To Write Songs On Guitar

The Frank Zappa Guitar Book

Joe Pass Plays The Blues

100 Songs For Kids - Easy Guitar

5500 Guitar Chords

Blues Guitar For Dummies

Blues Guitar Legends

Eric Clapton Unplugged Guitar Songbook

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons

Frank Zappa Guitar Book

Getting Great Guitar Sounds

Rooksby How To Write Songs On Guitar

Musical Guitar Complete Book

Metallica And Justice For All Guitar Tablature

Make Your Own Electric Guitar and Bass

Joe Satriani - Guitar Secrets

Jazz Guitar Chord Bible


 The file is password protected. The password is thetopguitars. Enjoy! You will need an adobe reader to open the Ebook.


Get Your Free Video Guitar Tutorial Today! Exclusive Only For The Top Guitars Company


Plenty of music enthusiasts frequently want guitar lessons. With the help of modern technology and accessibility to online lessons and resources like books and video lessons, it’s much easier to learn basic guitar skills as well as its overview. Yet, it’s always best to do hands on and personal training. Having also a person who can follow up you and can simply talk about your lesson is surely an advantage of it. You won’t just gain more technical learning proficiency and enjoyment of having fun with a teacher, music players and guitar players. Having a good guitar tutorial can help the newbies to have in depth knowledge, techniques, music theories and involvement on how they’ll explore the beauty of learning their favourite musical instrument, guitar. Alternatively, it also gives bad impression if you fail to get a good one. Time, complex training, versatility and service fee are things to look for in the guitar training.




1. Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners Part 1

2. Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners Part 2

3. Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners Part 3

4. Learn To Play Your Guitar - A Method For Beginners Part 4

5. How To Play Acoustic Rock Guitar 1

6. How To Play Acoustic Rock Guitar 2

7. How To Play Acoustic Rock Guitar 3


Free Complete Guitar Professional  Recording Video Tutorial Courses


1. Introduction

2. Setting Levels

3. Using Aux Sends

4. Setting Up A Master Fader

5. Single Mic On An Amp - EQ and Compression

6. Single Mic On An Amp - Reverb and Delay

7. Multiple Mics On An Amp

8. Single Room Mic On An Amp

9. Multiple Room Mics On An Amp

10. Single Amp Simultaor Plug In

11. Using Two Amp Simulator Plug Ins

12. Mixing Amp Simulators - EQ and Compression

13. Mixing Amp Simulators - Reverb and Delay

14. Double Your Part

15. DAW track copy

16. Using a Stereo Guitar Bus

17. Single Mic - EQ and Compression

18. Single Mic - Room, Plate, Chorus

19. Two Mic Blending

20. Two Mic Panning of Guitars and Effects

21. Multiple Mics and a Vocal

22. Creative Panning Multiple Mics

23. Mixing a DI

24. Using Room Mics

25. Double Tracking

26. Using a Hi String

27. Using Reverb

28. Mono Vs Stereo Reverb

29. Using EQ

30. Using Tremolo

31. Using A Flanger

32. Sound Toys Echo Boy

33. Universal Audio EP-34 Tape Echo

34. Universal Audio RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay

35. Universal Audio EMT 140 Plate


 The file is password protected. The password is thetopguitars. Enjoy!

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