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Flexible Payment Plans

We offer Flexible Payment Terms. We split an Invoice for Flexible Payment Terms - To accommodate this customer, we can split the invoice. We let the customer make five payments within 30 days on the invoice. We split that invoice into five separate invoices, each for a specific percentage of the original amount. Invoice must be completed before we can ship your new gear.

With 5 Easy Payments, we make it easy to get your hands on new gear faster than ever. If you've got a major credit card, you can pay first 1/5 invoice now before we can start the production of your ordered custom guitar and make four equal payments within 30 days or all 5 invoice must be completed as soon as we finish the custom guitar and once the payment is completed of all 5 invoice then we will ship your new guitar. There's no application, no hassle — and best of all, it's interest free and no processing fee. Flexible Payment Terms is offered upon Checkout.

We have $120 CLEARANCE Sale on going. Additionally, you can use this coupon code: TTGC2019 to avail the $10 off. 
The Top Guitars Company accepts all major international and local credit and debit cards that are supported by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Wexford Infinity Musical Instruments, LLC was incorporated and is based in Lewes, Delaware United States with operations in Nevada.
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Our Company business license name is Wexford Infinity Musical Instruments, LLC was incorporated and is based in Lewes, Delaware with operations in Nevada, United States. Delaware State File Number: 6815689. HBS Record ID Number: 360652
We have thousands of satisfied customers like our loyal customer Dr. EC Fulcher from Maryland who purchased 37 custom personalized guitars worth $42,000 USD and we can provide to you his contact details to verify with him personally that is how confident we are with our products.

Daniel Pepin and this is one of his concert tour performance:

This is our loyal customer Darius Scheider. This is his website:

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Darius Scheider

Custom Shop Marcus Miller Bass

Dr. E C Fulcher

Ordered 15 Personalized Guitars

Dr. E C Fulcher - Ordered 15 Personalized... by thetopguitar

"I have purchased 15 personalized guitars from the top guitar custom shop. All the guitars have met or exceeded my expectations. Great workmanship and quality work. An exceptional group of people to work with. They are ready to answer your questions or concerns. The one time i had a concern about a guitar they responded immediately and handled the situation more than i expected. I highly recommend this company!" Dr E C Fulcher Jr - Abingdon, Maryland USA.

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«Not sure how you guys do it my friends...the guitar i purchased from ya ...»

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