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Electric Guitar Guide

Before you start searching for your first guitar consider the following:

1. Price range.
Set an appropriate price range. You can sort your search results by price (Low to High or High to Low) in order to make your search easier.

2. Size/age of the player.
Electric guitars are available in numerous shapes, sizes and weights so it's important to find one that will be the best physical fit for you. Consider your age, height and the size of your hands. If youare younger or smaller in size you will do best with guitars that have thinner necks, shorter scales and are lighter in weight. If you are tall or have large hands you will probably be more comfortable with heavier guitars with wider necks and longer scales. Inorder to properly play your instrument you have to be able to handle it comfortably.

3. Style of music you want to play.
Rock, blues, metal, punk or jazz; the style of music you play will require the right tool for the job. Some guitars are known fortheir versatility and are used across several genres of music and some guitars are favored by specific genres. Identify your favorite bands and guitar players and research the gear they use, the guy in the jazz trio most likely isn't using the same gear as the guy in the metal band.

4. Starter Packages
AMS offers several Electric Guitar Packages for new Guitar players. These packages are a one-stop-shopping experience for the essentials needed to get started.

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