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Customer Testimonials

Order #404

Hi, thank you for working with me on this.  After getting the frets dressed, the guitar plays beautifully.  It is now everything I had hoped for.

Thank you again,
Rick Breitenbach


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Rick Kansas, USA 10:12:42 10-13-2014

I am more than pleased with the custom guitars you have made for me. The last one received a EVH is really beautifuly crafted. The neck is really great and the guitar plays well. Thanks. I'll be ordering more!! ECFJ, Abingdon, Md USA

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ECFJ Abingdon Md USA 01:20:36 10-13-2014
I have received order #432
Love the guitar. Very beautiful. Many that see it says it is their favorite of all that I have. I love the way the neck feels and the way it plays. Great guitar!
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EC Fulcher MD, USA 00:53:46 10-13-2014
Order ID: 384

The guitar came out great. Workmanship and sound superb. If I order 2 to 3 more guitars, same design but different name and same logos. Will there be a discount?

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Ray Press California, USA 07:53:24 09-23-2014
Order #426

Item received. I like it.  Very good! I did have to replace the tone button control as it did not work. Everything else was excellent!

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EC Fulcher MD, USA 22:43:25 09-17-2014
Custom Shop Double Neck Electric Guitar Polka Dots

First off I just got my new double neck and you guys did an amazing job!!! Thanks so much! Your support has been amazing, And the intonation was spot on right out of the box!

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Daniel Pepin Florida, USA 02:01:44 09-14-2014
Thank you

Hi guys, thanks for the guitar it sounds as good as it looks and has had many compliments whilst out playing with it. the craftsmanship is excellent and the finish to the custom inlay is superb. best wishes Darren Jones

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Darren Jones Wrexham, United Kingdom 20:17:09 08-20-2014
Order ID: #371

I am incredibly satisfied with my guitar. Thank you guys so much for making this custom guitar for me I truly appreciate it Much thanks Shabbar


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Shabbar Virginia, USA 22:45:16 08-15-2014
Updates - Order #359

Hi Christopher,

I apologize for taking so long to reply; however, I only recently realized that I had not replied to let you know that I received the bass and this one is exactly what I was seeking.  Your team did an excellent job and I thank you very much for ensuring it was perfect.  This is exactly how a customer wants to purchase a new guitar; open the box, tune it and begin playing.  Again, thank you so much for the excellent workmanship that was put into manufacturing this bass.  I love playing it!



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Kenneth Oklahoma, United States 20:07:50 08-08-2014
order ID 353


I was glad to receive safely my order ID 353

Thanks a lot 

Best regards


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Alain Ferrandi Center Loire Valley, France 08:43:18 07-19-2014
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