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Customer Testimonials

Order #485

I'm  ordering another guitar ...Each guitar has been fabulous. SAME AS NUMBER 485 AS BEFORE the head stock will say ron press and color to match sample. Please apply discounts. Please send me a   payment link as before. Logo rpm and white horse the same. Wilson hummbuckers with grover tuners as before..Thanks Happy New Year !

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Ray Press San Diego, CA 19:32:19 12-26-2014
Thank you

I love the construction and the set-up of my acoustic guitar. This is my 4th order. Richard

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Richard Latty VA, USA 06:16:05 12-26-2014
Finaly !!

Finally a place where i can buy the guitar i have allways wanted since the first time i ever saw it.....all my friends are to be honest...Pissed off at me for buying this guitar.....but i just NEED all the other guitars i have and had......So hopefully i can afford this one....hahaha

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PJ Hagen Br.Foss 10:29:28 12-18-2014
Thank you

I tried and tested my personalized custom guitar for weeks now and I just love the way it looks, craftsmanship and the sound was amazing. The best Christmas gift ever. Absolutely satisfied! Thank you Top Guitars!!! Jason


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Jason New York USA 09:06:12 12-15-2014
Order #466
I received order # 466. Excellent condition. Many have commented on the green and yellow color mix. Very Pleased with it!  Thanks. E C Fulcher, jr
Abingdon Md USA
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E C Fulcher, jr Abingdon Md USA 01:54:05 12-11-2014
Order #490

I just wanted to say thank you very much as I received my first guitar and I love it

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Marc Gaffney Massachusetts, USA 12:23:09 12-10-2014
Order # 469

I received order # 469. Really beautiful guitar. Everything on this one is great. Very pleased with the quality and sound!

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EC Fulcher MD, USA 02:26:26 12-02-2014

Hello there,

Just to let you know that the bass arrived safely and well packaged yesterday. First impressions are very good. The construction and finish are excellent. Fretting and action are good. I have some custom 4003 pickups built by my friend Mike Rose of Gemini Pickups here in the UK that I’m going to install. I’ll give the bass a full review once I’ve done that and playing it a bit more.

Overall though, it’s a great instrument – thanks!

Dominic Shaw

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Dominic Shaw Surrey, United Kingdom 20:57:21 11-13-2014
Jimmy Page Les Paul

I agonized over making a decision to purchase a Chinese Guitar, but did so last month. I am a Gibson Les Paul owner along with 4 other Fenders and am accustomed to American made workmanship and sound quality. I have always wanted the Jimmy Page No. 1 copy from Gibson but just couldn't justify the cost since I already own a Les Paul. I ordered the guitar from The Top Guitars Company and waited 25 days (as they said) and received it in September of this year. Here's the overall evaluation I've made: Intonation was dead on. Fret height was perfect. Accurately received Grover Tuners. Got Wilkinson Pick ups with intent of swapping out, but love the way they sound so kept them. Finish, workmanship and total appearance is amazing. Please notify the craftsmen who built this Guitar that they are artists and have built a world class, high quality guitar. I couldn't be happier. All My Best to the workers and founders. Chuck

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Chuck Londonderry 14:56:25 10-29-2014
Order # 438
I received order # 438 today. WOW! They really look good. All who have seen them are amazed. I am really pleased with all three (3) of them.
E C Fulcher, Jr.
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EC Fulcher MD, USA 23:16:06 10-20-2014
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