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Thank you

Thanks so much. It's so great I have been playing it all day. What a bargain price and my friends are envious. I used it for the first time at my band rehearsal and it was great to really put it through its paces. Great work. Best regards. Chris Gough

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Christopher Bryan Gough Basingstoke, United Kingdom 13:01:29 02-12-2016
Thank you

Today I collected my custom-made bass that finally passed through customs care of the excellent folk at The Top Guitars Custom Company... a guitar workshop that built it to spec: Picke dup in Leather jacket, plaid trousers,stretch vest and boots oh yeah and boobs then into Lockerbie to pick up essentials.​

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Fling Piétasā Near Langholm, United Kingdom 01:18:10 02-09-2016
Thank you

Hi Andy and Christopher,

I wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank You to you both personally for all your assistance during my guitars making and final arriving. I love the guitar. It arrived 1.23.16 but it wasn't until this weekend that I really got the time to start to get to know it and to play it. It's only been 1 week but the guitar seems to be acclimating well to the temp/weather and the more I play it the more it's hardware (frets) are settling in. What I mean is that at first it didn't seem to have any sustain and it's frets felt like they had dust on them as I bent the strings but after this weekend and breaking it in, it's feeling a lot smoother and at one point I just hit the open E and let it rang out. It must have been for at least 5 minutes while I finished smoking my cig.. and It would have kept going if I didn't finally interrupt it. And that was using just a baby Line-6 practice amp at talking sound levels. No high volume or high distortion stacks. Plus, the 50's guitar neck is exactly what I asked for. No disappointments there either. Anyway, just wanted to say Thank You to both of you for a nice experience and a fine quality guitar that was within my-budget.

I have 3 up and coming guitar players of my own - We'll all be back for more. I will definitely be sharing your site with others. If you see more hits from Vegas or AZ that might be me ;-)

Talk with you soon,
Rich White

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Rich White Las Vegas, Nevada USA 02:42:28 02-02-2016
Thank you

We received the guitar, My client has approved the bulk orders of 105 pcs Custom Coors Acoustic Guitar. Anne-Louise Bertucco, Point-Claire, QC Canada

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Anne-Louise Bertucco Point-Claire, QC Canada 01:37:23 01-29-2016
Thank you

Got my Ibanez 4 years ago and still going strong, tops guitars get a 5* from me. ‎Jamie Chapman, Cambridge, England


Got my Ibanez 4 years ago and still going strong, tops guitars get a 5* from me.

Posted by Jamie Chapman on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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‎Jamie Chapman Cambridge, England 14:50:23 01-26-2016
Rickenbacker 330 in Fireglo

Just received my Ric 330 yesterday Jan 7th and it is perfect, right out of packaging just tuned it and started playing. Very, very happy with the purchase and may buy another in the future, well worth the wait. Look forward to playing it for a long time. Thanks again Top Guitars Regards Joe Broomall,Pa USA


Just received my Ric 330 yesterday and I am very pleased with it.It looks great and plays well thank you very much it was worth the wait!!!RegardsJoe Monica, broomall, Pa

Posted by Joe Monica on Friday, January 8, 2016

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Joe Monica Broomall,Pa 06:28:27 01-08-2016
Thank you

LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV MY GUITAR!!!!! Kerry Kerry Beaverton, Oregon United States


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Kerry Kerry Beaverton, Oregon United States 03:46:53 01-01-2016
Daniel Pepin

This is how a Top guitar sounds!!! This is my custom Top Guitar in action. That bridge pickup SCREAMS during the guitar solo and that is the stock Wilkinson!!!!

Concert Tour Video:


im your capt

great night at one of florida,s best clubs High Octane Saloon Homosassa Florida we will be back Oct 16 starting at 9pm

Posted by Thenextlevel on Tuesday, 13 October 2015
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Daniel Pepin Auburndale, Florida USA 19:44:11 12-19-2015
Thank you


I received my guitar yesterday, Thursday, December 16, 2015, and I am very pleased with it! It is absolutely beautiful and plays very well. Thank you very much! I am loving the guitar!

Steve Croy

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Steven Croy La Vista, Nebraska USA 22:27:03 12-17-2015
Thank you

It arrived today, and it's truly a thing of beauty. I have to say the packaging was outstanding and the guitar looks perfect. Now I want the "Geddy Lee" double neck Bass and 6 string. Sorry for the quick blurry image, I love my new "Ricky". Thanks to you all for building this outstanding guitar. Cheers, Peter.


It arrived today, and it's truly a thing of beauty. I have to say the packaging was outstanding and the guitar looks...

Posted by Peter Sullivan on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
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Peter Sullivan Woodbridge, Virginia USA 12:11:54 12-02-2015
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