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Thank you

It arrived today, and it's truly a thing of beauty. I have to say the packaging was outstanding and the guitar looks perfect. Now I want the "Geddy Lee" double neck Bass and 6 string. Sorry for the quick blurry image, I love my new "Ricky". Thanks to you all for building this outstanding guitar. Cheers, Peter.


It arrived today, and it's truly a thing of beauty. I have to say the packaging was outstanding and the guitar looks...

Posted by Peter Sullivan on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
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Peter Sullivan Woodbridge, Virginia USA 12:11:54 12-02-2015
Thank you

This is how a Top guitar sounds!!! This is my custom Top Guitar in action. That bridge pickup SCREAMS during the guitar solo and that is the stock Wilkinson!!!!

Concert Tour Video:



Our newest original. A little edgier than usual but the funk is still there!

Posted by Thenextlevel on Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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Daniel Pepin Auburndale, Florida 21:19:51 12-01-2015
Rickenbacker Double neck . Mike Rutherford copy


See attached photo.

You custom built this guitar for me earlier this year to closely emulate Mike Rutherford's Rickenbacker bass and 12 string double neck.

I am in a UK based Genesis tribute band and the instrument was bought with the express purpose of replicating the sound and appearance of the original. To be quite honest I'm astonished at how good the instrument sounds and how close a sound I can achieve to the original.

Thanks again.

Steve Meston

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Steve Meston Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 03:51:07 11-21-2015
Thank you

Ok thank you, the guitar came out really great and exactly what I asked for, the inlays are beautiful. Michael Napurano BROOKLYN, New York

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Michael Napurano BROOKLYN, New York 03:39:56 11-17-2015
Daniel Pepin

They made the guitar in my profile pic and my double neck!!! I tell you I love my Top Guitars. My double neck and Les Paul are still my main guitars!!! Daniel Pepin


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13:22:38 11-15-2015
EVH 5150

Thank you....eine super super geile Klampfe. Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein Germany 24937. Wolfgang Behrendt

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Wolfgang Behrendt Flensburg/Germany 01:35:20 09-17-2015
Thank you

I received the guitar, and I really like it - thanks so much!! Most appreciated. Thank you, Chris Nelson.​


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Christopher Nelson Rhode Island, USA 13:23:09 09-07-2015
Thank you

Just got my guitar today. Great job. I am very happy. Hildeberto Cancela, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

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Hildeberto Cancela New Bedford, Massachusetts 10:10:03 08-01-2015
Thank you

I just got my guitar today and I'm thrilled with it. Thank you so much! Custom Made Left Handed Midnight Blue 4003 Bass. Mick Casper, Moscow, Idaho USA

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Mick Casper Moscow, Idaho USA 22:15:59 07-16-2015
The New Efulcher LP guitar arrived today. WOW! The custom work is great!. I really like it and the case also. Thanks for your attention! Dr E C Fulcher Jr
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Dr E C Fulcher Jr Abingdon, Maryland USA 02:03:48 06-26-2015
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