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Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much

My guitar arrived today! Great job I love it!! Steven Garcia, Glen Burnie Maryland

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Steven Garcia Glen Burnie Maryland 15:18:10 05-23-2017
Thank you very much

Hey Guys, I thought I send you a pic of your bass in action. Everyone is loving the sound and the look! Just thought you might like to know. This was taken at the world famous Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas Nevada.


Scott Woodward
Bass Player
Live2Play Network -

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Scott Woodward Las Vegas Nevada 17:16:28 05-21-2017
Thank you

The best scenario for a left-handed bassist is always to have a bass custom-built to individual specifications.  Unfortunately, even the most basic of custom models can cost more than $1500.  Top Guitars was able to build me a great bass for a fraction of that.  My 5-string J-bass came with above average materials, an excellent finish and a quality build.  I had some specific preferences and the engineers at Top Guitars were very responsive to my personal peeves.  My Top Guitars J-bass served as an excellent platform for my specific modifications. Some of my personalized specs included ebony fretboard with no inlays (edge markers only), no pick guard and with no holes or routing on the body.  I also requested a headstock, logo and backplate to match a bass that I lost in a fire. Upgrades that I made after accepting delivery include, Seymour Duncan pickups, Dunlop staplocks and a thumbrest.  

There were a couple of things that needed some time on the workbench, even before upgrades were installed.  There was no foam behind the original Wilkinson pickups so the magnets and coils had fallen into the cavity. I installed the foam, but later replaced the pickups.  It was delivered with a black nut and I can tell it was originally filed for a right hand player.  My luthier replaced the nut with one (white) that goes with a J-Bass. Finally, I made the choice to upgrade my bridge from the low-mass to a badass.  I spent a little extra after delivery and I have an excellent bass for about half what I would have expected to spend.

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Theo Stribling Las Vegas, Nevada 03:25:34 05-08-2017
Thank you very much

I received my guitar yesterday. REALLY impressed with the way it looks and sounds. I have to get the neck adjusted or have some of the frets looked at. I have some fret buzz around 1, 2 & 3. The frets look like they might have lifted a little so I might be able to tap them back in gently. Also the nut screws and neck screws came a little loose in transit but I tightened them down and all is well there. I do some guitar setups on my own but I have a pro guy in my back pocket as well. I'm sure I'll have this issue fixed in no time. I totally understand what happened while in transit and do not hold any ill feelings towards the quality of the guitar for sure. It's beautiful!

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Tink McGathy Oklahoma, USA 15:00:56 04-11-2017
Harp Guitar

I've been looking at getting a harp guitar, but at an almost $3000 minimum, it was definitely out of my price range. I found this guitar for under $1000, and I'll be honest I was not expecting much of a guitar at that price. I was hoping at the very least it would play OK for what it is. This guitar blew my expectations out of the water. It plays great and has an amazing sound, short of a little fret buzz which is pretty easily fixed. If you're having second thoughts about the playability, just bite the bullet and get it. I have a Taylor acoustic, so I have at least a little idea of what a great acoustic should play/sound like. You aren't going to find another anywhere close to this price, and it really is the best way to get into playing harp guitar without selling any organs. It did take awhile to get here (about 20 days or so), but that's US customs for you. Well worth the wait, and definitely worth the money!

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Garrett Escnaba 09:04:51 04-10-2017
Thank you

It arrived! Love it so far! Thanks! Casey Price, Marion, Virginia United States

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Casey Price Marion, Virginia 09:13:28 03-22-2017

I received my guitar this weekend, It's heavy sound and very beautiful. Thank you very much! Jang, Seoul South Korea

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Jang Seoul, South Korea 20:42:33 03-19-2017
Thank you

I am just blown away!  You have really impressed me.  Just to let you know I Posted a video in my guitar group and 5 different people ask where I got it.  I sent them the info.  I will send you a link to my youtube video of my excellent review of this guitar.  I will tell you this your customer service is the best I gave ever encountered.  That is the real selling point.  Th e email updates on the build and the lightning like response to any emails sent back.  Thank you again and i will be ordering more from you.  You have an amazing selection. . Thank you again. Kelly Hays 

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Kelly Hays Oklahoma, USA 20:30:46 03-03-2017
Thank you

Hello, my name is Sean Peronard and I recently purchased a guitar from your company. First off let me say that I am very pleased with the look and feel of the instrument. Dunellen, New Jersey.

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Sean Peronard Dunellen, New Jersey 01:43:36 02-03-2017
Thank you

I just wrote to you about the shipment of the Bootsy Bass guitar you just built for me. I looked at the pictures in a subsequent email, and SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
Twelve to fifteen days seems like an eternity, but once I have her strapped on, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait!
Thank you all so much for your expertise, knowledge, and ability to create this wonderful instrument "just for me!"
At this point in time, I have another guitar in mind that I will commission you to make for me. I'm just getting the funds together now, but you will be hearing from me in the not so distant future.
Again, my most humble thanks!
Joseph (Jody) Sherman.

Beau Gator

Joseph Sherman
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

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Joseph Sherman Knoxville, Tennessee 07:21:09 01-22-2017
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