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Customer Testimonials

Thank you

Thank you. I stand corrected. You folks rock. 
Gorgeous instrument. 
Now I just need a single pickup Explorer. 
Thank you. 
I stand corrected and am ecstatic. First rate work. 

Dan Pritchett
5229 Tennington Park
Dallas, Texas 75287



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Dan Pritchett Dallas, Texas 23:18:00 11-06-2017
Thank you

My Elvis J200 has arrived and l am so totally impressed! The appearance and build quality are superb. Your company has totally delivered on every front- customer service, communications , build quality. , speed and price . You do EXACTLY what you promise.l must admit l was synical at first, but during the process you have been totally professional and frankly exceeded my best expectations . Well done to your team, highly recommended , beautiful guitars !!! Thanks , Peter

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Peter Dymock Hampshire, United Kingdom 21:18:02 10-31-2017
4005 Bass

Once again, you're team really came through for me! I can't say enough good things about this bass. It has always been my dream to own a bass like this, and you and your staff have made that dream come true! She plays and sounds as good as I ever could have hoped. I plan to be playing some gigs in the Gulf Coast area of the United States in the coming weeks, and my bass will be with me for every one. I look forward to sending you a video of her in action! Please put a big 5 stars under this message for me, and I look forward many more amazing guitars to come! Your friend, James McCown Riverside, California

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James McCown Riverside, CA 02:26:38 10-12-2017
Thank you

Thank you so much! I really do love the bass, and you and your team really out did yourselves on its construction. I look forward to submitting another 5 star review later today. Please advise me if there's anything else I need to do.

James McCown, Riverside California

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James McCown RIVERSIDE, California 20:59:11 10-11-2017
Thank you

A friend of mine, Valerie Ragucci helped me purchase a Left-handed Wolfgang guitar. This guitar is amazing! Don Bozzi, Guitar Center, Aurora Illinois

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Don Bozzi, Guitar Center Aurora Illinois 15:53:46 10-05-2017
Thank you

Hello George Morrison here. Your company made a Custom Billy Bo in metallic green, gold hardware, bigsby vibrato & TONY CHICKENBONE all in capital letters in the neck inlays last year. The guitar is fabulous & want to order another one. Can you make me a Flying V 2 in red metallic, gold hardware, shorter Bigsby vibrato with TONY CHICKENBONE in the neck fret inlays with a hardshell case. Just like the Billy Bo?
George Morrison

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George Morrison Canton Georgia 20:32:47 09-26-2017
Wow. I'm really impressed.

Right out of the packaging (which was incredibly well done),I tuned it up, and the action was spot on! It sounds great unplugged, and awesome plugged in! Any guitars I buy from now on are gonna be from these guys. Unbelievable customer service, and they update you every step of the build process. I was skeptical at first, but this should be a no-brainer for anyone. If you're a professional musician, you need one of these! I've been trying to get my Martin's and Yairis to sound great plugged in for gigs, and I use heavy processing to get a mic'd sound onstage...with this preamp and the sound of this instrument, dialing in my acoustic tone will take no time at all. I own a recording studio, and this is my go-to acoustic for tracking now! I can't say enough good things.

Rob C

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Rob Corda San Francisco 18:43:19 09-13-2017
Thank you

I applaud you and thank you for making it possible for those young people who are able get one to have such a fine well crafted bass. Keep up the Good Work & Superior Craftsmanship ! ! ! Steven C. Gaddy Charlotte, North Carolina

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Steven C. Gaddy Charlotte, North Carolina 10:44:18 08-28-2017
3rd Ordered Bass

I really do appreciate it! I will tell all my friends what a great company you have, and your Customer Service is the best! I am very excited to see the new bass! James McCown, Riverside California, USA

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James McCown RIVERSIDE, California 22:18:44 08-10-2017
Thank you

Hey Guys, I received the replacement Zakk Wylde  buzz saw guitar. It is awesome!!! I can't thank you guys enough. I will be getting another one of my dream guitars from you when I can in the very near future. Thank you once again, Harry.

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Harry Spear Middletown, New York 22:58:26 07-09-2017
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