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High performance guitar and bass hardware designed by the UK’s leading guitar guru

  – Trev Wilkinson.

Wilkinson brings many years of expertise and engineering knowledge to a new range of guitar and bass hardware.
These new designs may be LOW in price but they are BIG on features and function.
Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was established 20 years ago in California and its simple, functional, user friendly designs have become "standards of the industry". 

They are demanded by professional players and discerning guitar companies around the world.
This new range pays homage to the more ‘traditional’ styles of the past but, by utilising many of the features of the unique Wilkinson designs, we feel that they are unsurpassed in tone, style and function. Extra special attention has been paid to all key areas of the manufacturing process.
Whether you are building a ‘vintage style’ instrument or a new ‘cutting edge design’ guitar or bass. Wilkinson parts are fitted as standard on Electric & Bass guitars.


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